Abyss Web Server X2

X2 = X1 + Virtual hosting + Advanced features + Extra services Buy Now

Abyss Web Server X2 is the professional edition of our highly rated software used by tens of thousands of people worldwide since 2002.

It extends the already powerful features of the personal edition Abyss Web Server X1 with virtual hosting support, dual hosts support (HTTP+HTTPS), and fine bandwidth control.

What do you get for US $59.95? Buy Now

Abyss Web Server X2 is priced affordably at just US $59.95 per license. Here's what you will receive when you order:

Lifetime License
The license authorizes you to install and use the software on a single computer at a time. It also grants you the right to use the software for an unlimited period of time.
Online Download
Download the software online, right after your order is processed.
1 Year of Priority Technical Support
Included with every software license is one year of free priority technical support via email. For details on what is supported, please read our technical support policy.
1 Year of Update Protection
During one year from the date of purchase, you can download for free the new versions of the software as they are released, which includes both minor and major upgrades.
Ability to Extend Your Update Protection
When your first year of update protection is about to expire, you can extend it (by 1 or 2 more years) to continue benefiting from our priority support and having access to new releases of Abyss Web Server X2 (both minor and major versions).
Extending your update protection helps you remain up-to-date at a very reasonable cost.
Note that update protection extensions are optional: If you decide to not extend yours, you can continue to use the latest version of Abyss Web Server X2 you have downloaded with no restrictions and no time limits.

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Abyss Web Server X2 customers
Abyss Web Server X2 customers are from more than 75 countries around the world.

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