Abyss Web Server version 2.6 adds support for XSSI and on-the-fly HTTP compression

January 21, 2009

Aprelium is proud to announce the release of new updates for both editions of Abyss Web Server for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD:

  • Abyss Web Server X1 version 2.6: Free personal edition. It isn't a trial version or a demo. It is a fully usable personal web server with no limitations, no nag screens, no spyware, and no advertisements.
  • Abyss Web Server X2 version 2.6: Professional edition priced at US $59.95. It is a professional web server which comes with 1 year of free upgrades and 1 year of priority technical support.

New Features

The new releases add the following features:

  • eXtended Server Side Includes (XSSI) support through the addition of new directives (#if, #elif, #else, #endif, and #set) to enable flow control and advanced variables setting and substitution constructs;
  • On-the-fly HTTP compression to save bandwidth by automatically sending GZipped output to browsers which support HTTP compression.
  • Advanced URL Rewriting rules with support for back-references from matched conditions (%1 ... %9);
  • Full control over accepted SSL Ciphers;
  • Updated ASP.NET connector for the Windows version with support for ASP.NET 1.1, 2.0, and 3.5;
  • Improved support for multicore processors;
  • Updated documentation.

The new releases also include several internal enhancements and fix the problems that have been reported with previous versions.

Tutorials about the new XSSI directives and HTTP compression setup have been added to the articles collection.

Download / Upgrade

For Abyss Web Server X1 Users

Visit Downloads to get the new version of Abyss Web Server. Installation and upgrading instructions are provided on the download page.

For Abyss Web Server X2 Users

Open Abyss Web Server's console, select Help & Support, and click on Check for Updates.

Special Thanks

Aprelium thanks all the users' community of Abyss Web Server for their suggestions and continuous support and especially (alphabetical order):

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