Abyss Web Server version 2.0 is out!

March 10, 2005

Aprelium Technologies is pleased to announce the availability of the second major release of Abyss Web Server.

This version adds many new features and is available in two editions:

  • Abyss Web Server X1: Free personal edition. It isn't a trial version or a demo. It is a fully usable personal web server with no limitations, no nag screens, no spyware, and no advertisements.
  • Abyss Web Server X2: Professional edition priced at US $59.95. It is a professional web server which comes with 1 year of free upgrades and 1 year of priority technical support.

New Features

The major new features in this version are:

More information about the new version is available in Abyss Web Server Home page.


Visit Downloads to get the new version of Abyss Web Server. Installation and upgrading instructions are provided on the download page.

Special Thanks

Aprelium Technologies thanks all the users' community of Abyss Web Server and all the devoted Beta testers of the new version for their feedback, support, contributions, and suggestions.

Our special thanks go to (alphabetical order):

  • Allen Lee (Taiwan)
  • Björn Verbruggen (Belgium)
  • E. Zann (USA)
  • Glen Brown (Florida, USA)
  • Gustavo Dùran (Spain)
  • Jason Nagle (USA)
  • Axis John E. Davey (Wisconsin, USA)
  • TrustPunk Joshua Hesseman - trustabyss.com (Georgia, USA)
  • Kai Wulfert (Germany)
  • Fallout_PL Marcin Bancerz (Poland)
  • Olly86 (UK)
  • Paul Marlin (USA)
  • Rainer Heise (Germany)
  • Rafał Ryba - SYSTEMsoft Group (Poland)
  • Tim Post - NetKinetics (Maryland, USA)
  • Wasilis Mandratzis (Greece)

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