Abyss Web Server 2.16 adds HTTP/2 and native Apple silicon support

September 14, 2021

Today, we are happy to announce the release of Abyss Web Server version 2.16 for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

It is available in two editions:

  • Abyss Web Server X1 version 2.16: Free personal edition. It isn't a trial version or a demo. It is a fully usable personal web server with no limitations, no nag screens, no spyware, and no advertisements.
  • Abyss Web Server X2 version 2.16: Professional edition priced at US $59.95. It is a professional-grade web server which comes with one year of free upgrades and one year of priority technical support.

It is recommended that users of previous releases upgrade as soon as possible to this new version.

Major new features

  • Added support for HTTP/2
  • Added native ARM-based Apple silicon binaries to the macOS edition

Download / Upgrade

For Abyss Web Server X1 Users

Visit Downloads to get the new version of Abyss Web Server. Installation and upgrading instructions are provided on the download page.

For Abyss Web Server X2 Users

Open Abyss Web Server's console, select Help & Support, and click on Check for Updates.

Detailed changelog


  • Enabled the HTTP/2 protocol by default for all HTTPS hosts: Any HTTPS or HTTP+HTTPS host you already have will immediately support HTTP/2 without any extra-configuration
  • Added configuration options to control HTTP/2 support globally or per-host: HTTP/2 can be disabled and can be restricted to a certain group of virtual paths
  • Added new HTTP/2-specific CGI variables: HTTP2, H2_STREAM_ID, H2_STREAM_TAG

Server Core

  • Made HTTP headers processing more strict to avoid a large class of issue related with HTTP/2 to HTTP/1.1 downgrading in the reverse-proxy

Windows specific changes

  • Improved memory contention speed

macOS specific changes

  • Added native support for the recent ARM-based Macintosh computers (powered by M1 chips)
  • Fixed bug with the XPC component on macOS 10.11 and earlier

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