Abyss Web Server 1.0.3 released

June 3, 2002

Aprelium Technologies is proud to announce the release of Abyss Web Server 1.0.3. This update improves CGI support and enhances some features.

The changes introduced in the new version are listed below:

  • New CGI timeout parameter to control how long the server should wait for an inactive script before aborting it.
  • Important system variables (SystemRoot, COMSPEC, PATH, PATHEXT and WINDIR for Windows and TZ, PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH for Linux) are automatically copied in the environment of CGI scripts.
  • More CGI Environment variables are set (DOCUMENT_ROOT and REMOTE_PORT).
  • URL query strings are always sent to the CGI scripts (even with POST requests).
  • Better caching negotiation.
  • The console access password is stored encrypted in the configuration file.
  • More tolerance with configuration errors such as bad paths.
  • Better support of execution under root provileges on Linux.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

Upgrading the Windows version:

To upgrade from the previous version, download Abyss Web Server 1.0.3 and run the installer. It will detect the presence of an older version and will ask you to uninstall it. Once version 1.0 removed, the installer will setup the new version.

CAUTION: Be careful and read all the on-screen dialog boxes. In fact, the uninstaller will ask you if you want to remove Abyss Web Server's setup directory. You must answer NO to keep your web site and your configuration file.

Upgrading the Linux version:

Download Abyss Web Server 1.0.3 package, go to the directory where Abyss Web Server 1.0 is installed and execute the following commands (which purpose is replacing the old application files with newer ones):

mv htdocs/index.html htdocs/index.html.bak
cd ..
tar xfz AbyssWebServer-1.0.3-linux.tar.gz
cd abyssws
mv htdocs/index.html.bak htdocs/index.html

If errors are reported when executing the first and the last command, ignore them. Obviously, they occurred because you have no index.html file in the htdocs directory.

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