ServerWatch awards Abyss Web Server 4.5/5 stars

October 10, 2005

ServerWatch has recently reviewed the latest version of Abyss Web Server (2.0.6).

ServerWatch is an independent organization publishing news and reviews on server software. It is highly regarded in the industry for its fair and reliable reporting.

According to ServerWatch, Abyss Web Server "is an economic and reliable offering that provides advanced security, easy configuration, and support for most scripting languages. If you're looking for an Apache alternative, this is one to consider."

Abyss Web Server has received 4.5 stars out of 5. This ranking is confirming the quality of the software since it places it in the top web server products category next to Microsoft IIS, Apache HTTP Server, and Zeus Web Server.

For more information about the review, visit the following links:

Note: The review states that there is a "Divergence between the claim that the free version is identical to the pay version and reality" while the differences between the free X1 and the commercial X2 editions are clearly explained in both Abyss Web Server X2 and X1 vs. X2 pages.

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