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PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2005 7:47 pm    Post subject: Slow downloads Reply with quote

I was told by some people that a file I'm hosting takes forever to download. It is 283MB but I figured it would take maybe 5 minutes to download, so I checked it out from a remote computer (college internet lounge) and the file download at a miserable 3-4k/sec. What is causing such a slow download? I have the server running on a cable connection with a router and only one other computer uses the router.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2005 9:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

your download speed might be high, but your upload speed is always much lower. Upload is usually about 100-200 Kbps
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2005 10:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You have no idea whats between you and whoever connects. You may find that the limit per connection or the number of connections you specify in the server is causing it to force that low speed.

You also have other issues as you may have other people downloading. What server are you using? I have a couple that may intrest you, firstly is the Easy FTP server, availble on and is very easy for first timers to get to grips with FTP servers.

Another option is the ServU FTP server from Rhinosoft, a very good server with allot of abilitys.

Lastly you could track down an FTP script in PHP.

I would advise limiting the number of users to 3 or 4 and only allow one connection per login as you could have someone take up 2 or more logins as with FTP programs like GetRight.

Also if your ftp is for download, make it a download only connection as you will always have some muppet who dont and then wonders how their setup got destroyed because they didnt stop uploads and block .exe or other executable code types, it is a configuration tging at the end of the day, to install and run a server without understanding its workings is asking for trouble.

what you need to do is to find out your true upstream bandwidth that your modem is set to, this will usually be a percentage of the downstream or if your lucky symetrical but would hazzard that you are more likely to be asymetrical, so expect shitty upstream bandwidth, im my case I get 750k down and IF IM lucky I can get 15KB/s or 90kbps Upstream average and on a good day 200kbps.

so if your web serving as well, you will find that your bandwidth is being consumed rapidly, you need to get some form of load balancing, easiest way is to split of your FTP from your web as two seperate machines with a router, virtual networking the machines across the lan will also mean that you can then access resources and allocat them as you see fit, this is where a network administratoers course comes in handy as setting up trusts and network shares can be a hair pulling exercise, especially getting Active Directory Services up and running as it generally bitches allot in the process.

Has your head burst yet?

Basically you have allot of choice, pick a soloution and stick to it, I do advise you get some load balancing underway, software or hardware, either will do and it will help if you can offload allot of the work your server does by dumping into the web domain your images, hosted on an image server or in your personal webspace, plenty of soloutions to squeeze more out of your server by carefully allocating your resources and deploying costly (Bandwidth consuming) items elsewhere.

A router will unload allot of crap from your software firewall and if you havent fgot one of them you should get one and configure it, it will stop allot of unauthorised linking to resources and systems on your PC, it is not only files but your PC resources can be remotely used, so a firewall is important and having a router on top will make a load of difference tto your PC and your Connection, correct configuration will ensure that your connectable and secure at the same time.
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