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There has been a lot of questions about how to acess your website. There are three ways.

Level 1: localhost
This level of access can only be viewed on the computer that is running abyss this is the web adress or http://localhost

Level 2: LAN
Your local area network is like the mini internet only accesible in your home. Often this is done using a router. So you computer's adress on this "mini internet" always is 192.xxx.xxx.xxx or 10.xxx.xxx.xxx lets say your router has 192.168.0.x adresses. will be the router config. is Computer A. is Computer B. is Computer C and so on... Only people using computers connected to your lan can access your site on the 192.xxx.xxx.xxx domain.

Level 3: Internet
The internet is much like your LAN only its the entire world. All of your computers in your LAN have one ip adress. Which can be found here http://www.whatismyip.com Note: Most Firewalls and routers block people from the internet to access your LAN so go to www.portforward.com or http://aprelium.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3806&sid=85184a2d563d28f82908c9868ac77445
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Hopefully this helped in understanding networking
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