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2009 Testimonials

Abyss beats both of IIS and Apache hands down

I have nothing but good things to say about Abyss Web Server... It's extremely easy to use, powerful, and doesn't give me a headache when I want to modify its configuration. I've tried both IIS and Apache, and Abyss beats both of them hands down with its easy to use administration console, excellent help content, and the quickness with which I got my personal site up and running.
The tutorials for getting PHP and Perl installed make using Abyss Web Server a breeze for a site using PHP or Perl. The ease in which you can have ASP.net apps up and running is amazing... just a few clicks, and you're up and going.
Please keep making such an excellent piece of software as Abyss Web Server.

April 21, 2009

Greg Lopez - chaoscorps.net

Extremely Robust!

I've been using Abyss Webserver X1 for many of our partner websites and have recently upgraded to X2. I've been delighted with the performance of it and especially with the robustness of it. I would personally recommend it for those looking for an easy to use web server.

April 20, 2009

Gregor Spowart - IT Manager - Langley James

X2 manages up to 10 Gb of network requests per day

We're a small company that we provide web host for our customer. We're using Abyss X2 for about 2 years now and we really love it!!
Now we own about 70 domains with 2 virtual hosts each and we are using Abyss X2 2.6 64-bit version on our Quad Xeon 2,83 Ghz new server with Windows 2008 64-bit Web Server Edition. I must admit that performance are wonderful during all day!!! Our Abyss X2 manages up to 10 Gb of network requests per day and it's really wonderful!!!!
In also I think it's really better than other web servers since it has both ASP and PHP support with great performance and without using a lot of resources! It takes just about 30 Mb of RAM!!!!
Thanks Aprelium for doing such a great job and also thanks for the great support provided, you are really fast and kindly in your answers.
We suggest this product to every web host company that want use both ASP and PHP languages for their customers, in also Abyss is really easy to manage and configure!
Please keep doing this product in this way, we just love it!

March 28, 2009

Paolo Vacca - PF Technology s.r.l.

A big thanks to your tech support

As usual, I must give a big thanks to your tech support. You understand the actual questions and give intelligent answers.
Too often other tech support is clueless, doesn't understand the problem and tells me to do things that have no relation and/or I have already tried repeatedly. Questions about Apache problems often take months to resolve, if ever, and you need to suffer through countless irrelevant answers on a multitude of forums.
I like to deal with smaller centralized companies that have tight control (like my software company). You get better products and service almost all of the time.
I have already been singing the praises of Abyss in forums and soon will have a site, MacFluent, that will make specific recommendations of Mac software, as well as teaching classes on various computer subjects including setting up and running a web server. Abyss will be my recommendated server after trying Roxen, Apache, LiteSpeed, etc. I'll be buying a couple more copies soon and hope that you do very well. You deserve it.

March 9, 2009

Jeff Cook - Center of Creation

2008 Testimonials

Thanks for such a great product

I've used Abyss Web Server X1 for a while now and I upgraded to X2 as I need to host multiple domains.
I'm very satisfied with it as it's easy to use, powerful and doesn't drive me insane with overly complicated administration! Thanks for such a great product.
A+ for the ease of use.

November 11, 2008

Sean Dennis

A+ for the ease of use.

I was delighted to find how easy the installation of Abyss Web Server X1 turned out. It worked the first time. And then by following the clearly written help files I was able to add Perl and PHP support both of which worked correctly the first time.
A+ for the ease of use.

January 7, 2008

Howard L. Funk - H. L. Funk Consulting

Abyss Web Server X2 has never crashed on me since April 2006

I had never come across a piece of software that didn't crash on me until now. Abyss Web Server X2 has never crashed on me since April 2006. When the rest of my computer is acting up, abruptly shutting down programs running, there’s always good ol' Abyss never missing a beat.
Thanks for one heck of a product.

January 5, 2008

Chris Mieske

2007 Testimonials

Excelent product! (And I do really mean it)

Even though I'm really experienced in IT, I wanted to use something as solid and easy to setup (no config files, no insecure IIS) as Abyss Web Server to host my blog at home (http://vd.dyndns.org).
Excelent product! (And I do really mean it)

December 9, 2007

Dario Pudlo - Oracle and Linux Administrator

I love how effective and reliable it is

I would like to thank you for this software. I have been using your program, and I love how effective and reliable it is.
I have tried many web server programs, but this one makes hosting a web site quick and easy. I am very impressed by the tools and options you have included in this software.
Thank you again.

October 23, 2007

Chris Zabski

Everyone likes to use it

Abyss Web Server simply rocks. I really love your webserver and I suggest the same to a lot of people and everyone likes to use it.
You guys are really doing a great work! Keep it up! I would wish you good luck for future versions to introduce more features into Abyss. I have also put a small review on Abyss long time back, even when I started using Abyss. If you are interested, here is the URL: http://lavanyadeepak.blogspot.com/2007/04/abyss-free-web-server.html.

October 8, 2007

Vasudevan Deepak Kumar - Senior Analyst/MVP

I absolutely love it

I've been using Abyss Web Server for about a year now and I absolutely love it.
I've been a programmer for nearly 15 years, and have just recently gotten into web-based programming. I found your application very feature rich, and very user-friendly. Most complex applications are bloated with huge files, and a ton of settings in such a cryptic format that it's difficult for a beginner to use.
So thank you for such a great product!

September 25, 2007

Bob Lerner - mmtbb.com

Quality and friendliness

Since I started hosting, it was always a kind of hassle to configure the Web servers I was using.
Through intensive search, I was pointed towards Abyss Web Server. It took me ten minutes to install and test it: very intuitive product, easy to configure and maintain, with an easy to set up support for PHP and ASP - and very good "How To"s for the configuration.
It offers a fast delivery of Web pages. Its virtual hosting is also the easiest I've ever seen. A very friendly customer support adds on top of that. I´m really impressed.

Keep that direction of quality and friendliness of your support and your products.
Thanks again for a great Web server.

September 24, 2007

Christopher Niegisch

So much easier to manage than Apache

My experience with the Abyss Web Server X2 has been a pleasure. It is quite a powerful web server with very friendly and helpful support.
I have moved over most of my Wordpress blogs and am setting up all new customer sites that need PHP on Abyss since it is so much easier to manage than Apache.
I am anxious to see what the Aprelium team will come up with next! Keep up the good work!

My Original Blog Review: http://www.iDude.org/2007/08/23/ (Hosted on Abyss X2, of course)

September 6, 2007

Dennis Clayton - Hyperial Group, LLC

The best Web server that has ASP.NET and PHP compatibility!

Abyss Web Server must be the best Web server that has ASP.NET and PHP compatibility!
The personal edition X1 is a great freeware but the professional edition X2 is even better, well GREATER!
You must be on a very high list. Good work guys!

August 18, 2007

Max Well
United Kingdom

It has never had a problem or a difficulty

I have had your free Abyss Web Server running on my computer for 236 days now!
I installed it easily and it has never had a problem or a difficulty. I haven't used too many coding features yet but now that I am starting to make money on my site and I feel confident in your software, I will tackle some of the more advanced programming options.
Thank you for helping me get my first site up and running!

May 26, 2007

Clayton Kessler

Your product is a real pleasure to install and to configure

First af all, THANK YOU for your Web Server.
I am director of a professionnal college near Paris (France) and I have just installed your software. I needed a web server to share a calendar. Your product is a real pleasure to install and to configure. It's so easy that, even if I am a neophyte with this type of servers, I decided to develop a real intranet for all the college based on Abyss Web Server.
Once again, thank you for publishing this product as freeware.

March 17, 2007

Stéphane Mercy - Assistant Director
Lycée Professionel Pierre Mendès-France (Villiers-le-Bel)

My experiences are recorded at my blog

I have downloaded and am using Abyss Web Server X1 for serving up documents to my students at the institute where I teach. My experiences are recorded at my blog, the direct link is http://rohits-ramblings.blogspot.com/2007/03/using-abyss-personal-web-server-for.html.
This is just a small note to say thank you for a powerful, easy to setup, easy to maintain webserver. If I ever consider a professional web server, Abyss Web Server X2 would be my first choice. Thank you.

March 7, 2007

Rohit Vishal Kumar - Assistant Professor
Xavier Institute of Social Service (Ranchi - Jharkhand)

2006 Testimonials

The most reliable and stable server software

I just wanted to let you folks know that your server software is OUTSTANDING! I have used many (and I do really mean many) server programs such as Apache, Xitami and Zeus and yours is BY FAR the most reliable and stable server software I have ever worked with! You will definitely have a long term customer. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

October 24, 2006

Tony Sbeghen - Owner/Operator Moore's Diner

I brag on Aprelium all the time

I just wanted to E-mail you all and say I love Abyss Web Server it has everything I would ever need. I brag on Aprelium all the time.
A very happy customer.

October 19, 2006

J. Egan - Egan Technology Services

So simple it is perfect!

I have always used my ISP to host my websites. Now that I am teaching myself ASP.NET 2.0 I needed a place to test and try out my skills. Paying for another hosting service seemed an unnecessary expense when you have great and simple to set-up programs like this.
The next step is upgrading to X2 and offering hosting to a few friends.

October 8, 2006

Simon Smith - www.dancingbear.me.uk

It's all so straightforward and easy to understand

I found your web server through a link trying to walk me around the problem of Windows XP Home Edition not supporting ASP programs.
I have to say, I've learned so much more about webdesign and how websites work just by going through the first few sections of the user guide than I ever have just searching on my own. I've only ever really learned HTML and CSS because everything else seemed so intimidating with coding and scripting and server access.
Now, everything seems accessible and like something I can actually figure out. I had no idea you could host a server on your own computer this way. I'm having so much fun, it's all so straightforward and easy to understand.
Thank you very much for such a well-made product and service.

September 12, 2006

Natalie Wilson - Student - University of Virginia

The best Web server software

If anybody asks me what the best Web server software is, I will recommend Abyss Web Server! It is the most reliable, easy to configure and feature rich Web server out there!

June 20, 2006

Craig Sansam - www.shroodoo.co.uk

Thank you a million times

Thank you a million times. I like to work out my own problems but this one had me totally stumped (I think I got too close to it). I worked this problem for weeks (I even had it semi working at one time), I read all of the documentation (multiple times), I read the FAQs, I searched the Forums and generally read everything I could "google" and I was still unable to come up with a 100% workable solution.
You supplied the answers in a couple of business days!!! And you even answered a question (FTP server set-up) I had not thought to ask yet!!
As far as I am concerned you folks are the best and I would highly recommend you and your server software to anybody that asks.

May 8, 2006

Dennis Hill - Sr. Engineer - MCI

It only keeps getting better

I have been using abyss server for quite some time now and I absolutely love it! I cant believe such an amazing program is still offered for free. :)
I use PHP for my website. But I always wanted to try ASP.NET but it was not supported by Abyss earlier.. But now, it's the best of both worlds - PHP and ASP.NET are supported!!! It only keeps getting better... Thank you so much...
I recommend Abyss to anyone and everyone who is looking for a FREE yet POWERFUL and RELIABLE webserver.

May 1, 2006

Arun Mathew - www.proudindianonline.com

Very pleased with this software

I have spent 2 weeks trying to find a web server program that didn't take me in circles to get it to work.
I for one will vouche for your product and how straightforward it is to set up. By far Abyss Web Server is the easies to use and I found the information to get it accessible on the Internet outside my LAN. AND IT WORKED!!
WOW I'm very pleased with this software!

March 5, 2006

Henry Mason - Cyber Styles Solutions Tech.

Within a few mouse clicks, it was up and running!

My website was professionally hosted for several years. Due to annoying space limitations I decided to set up my own web server. After testing several free servers I downloaded Abyss Web Server X1 and within a few mouse clicks it was up and running. Simply amazing!
After a few weeks I upgraded to Abyss Web Server X2 to host the current two websites I own. One of the websites contains a Snitz forum which required ActiveHTML to be installed. Again, this only took minutes until it was up and running. Later I got myself a second computer and installed Ability Mail Server which is connected to the forum through Abyss Web Server. It works absolutely smooth.
For some tests I installed Abyss Web Server on a MC/ServiceGuard failover solution based on two Red Hat Linux servers. Installation was almost as easy as on my Windows box.
All in all this is probably some of the best software I ever ran in my 19 years of working as software developer, system and database administrator.

January 9, 2006

Sandro Schaer - sschaer.org - cp-forum.net

Easy, Excellent Features and Robust

After trying 2 or 3 free web servers that just weren't up to the task or were too complex to setup, I found Abyss and have never looked back.
I had my web server up and running in literally minutes. So when the professional edition Abyss Web Server X2 was released and included virtual hosting I had to have it. Upgrading was flawless and the price is most competitive. Aprelium support is nothing short of superb. I would not use any other web server, whether it be the free personal or the purchased professional version.
Thanks for an excellent product.

January 2, 2006

Mal Daniel - Bow and Gun Hunting Illinois

2005 Testimonials

Nothing works better or easier than Abyss Web Server.

Thanks so much for your user friendly server software. Me and my friend have just spent a little over 16 hours trying all kinds of server software to work. And nothing works better or easier than Abyss Web Server.
We like the graphical interface, simple to configure ports, indexing, scripting, and most of all the passwords to limit access to our directories. No screwing around with .htaccess files.

December 30, 2005

Tom Cross

Killer App...

Hello Aprelium Technologies,
I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know what a killer app you made with your Web server.
As the lone IT person for a community radio station (MIS-WSCA 106.1 LPFM) with little to no budget, your server gives me features I could have only hoped for in a high priced title.
An absolutely outstanding job all around.

December 15, 2005

Jim Layton - Perfect Computer Solutions

Simply Excellent

I needed a very small personal web server to provide some files to friends and I did not want to install IIS or Apache. I found Abyss Web Server X1 and it is simply excellent. I understood it all and had it running in 5 minutes.
Congratulations and thank you for giving it free.

December 14, 2005

Gonzalo Balerdi

No confusing configuration files

I've been running a website based on Abyss Web Server X1 for the better part of two years (http://www.lithorien.net). It has never proven to be a hassle to run or administer. I've used IIS 5, Apache 1.3, and 2, and out of these servers, I have to say that I've been most impressed by Abyss Web Server's ease of use and ease of setup. No confusing configuration files, and no hiding configurations behind endless amounts of subwindows and sub-options.
Recently I decided that I wanted to host multiple domains from my server. As that was not possible in Abyss Web Server X1, I decided to purchase the professional edition Abyss Web Server X2 and try it out for myself. While figuring out how to set up the virtual domains took a couple minutes of experimenting, I realized quickly that if port 80 was specified for everything, Abyss Web Server X2 would handle it correctly. Compare a "couple of minutes" for that to a "couple of hours" for things like Apache and IIS, and I want to thank Aprelium again for making such an easy-to-use and intuitive web server.

November 7, 2005

Steven Merrick - Webmaster - Lithorien.net

I am a proud owner of Abyss Web Server X2!

My name is Mike Poole and I am a proud owner of Abyss Web Server X2! This thing is awesome and so easy to use! Im sure you heard all that before, heh.
I just wanted to thank you all for such a wonderful product and I never before have I ever truly felt like I got my money's worth. I have not had ANY problems with this program compared to the hassles of using Apache or the attacks I had with Liteserve!
Keep up the great work and get the sucker on some store shelves! It's that damn good.

August 28, 2005

Mike Poole - Webmaster - Phyer.com

I feel guilty for paying so little for it!

I cannot believe how fantastic version 2 is: A super software product of immense capability.
I rate it amongst the best software available, though I also use others, Abyss Web Server towers above the rest for specific uses and compatibility. It works, exactly as Aprelium says it does.
2 years of using Abyss and not a single issue to date. For such a small footprint it works like magic. I feel guilty for paying so little for it!

June 6, 2005

Mucahit Rustem - Insat International

I appreciate the support and service

I would just like to say how thanks for providing a stable, easy to use server. I have been using it for over a year now, has upgraded a few weeks ago, and I appreciate the support and service. Keep up the good work.

May 15, 2005

John Locke - transcommunication.org

Your support is incredible!

I just wanted to say thanks! :)
Your software is awesome! Your support is incredible! So I just wanted you to know that what you are doing is greatly appreciated! Keep dishing out the software because it is awesome and easy to use; while still providing powerful features!

March 16, 2005

Austin Steed

I recommend Abyss to EVERYONE...

I have been using Apache for Windows for a long time to host my web pages... and until I needed CGI scripts and other enhancements to work, I didn't have any issues with the Apache software. But trying to get CGI to work on an Apache server in a Windows environment can be some tedious and aggravating work.
I found Abyss by mistake when looking for some help with web server issues in Apache through a search engine. I read on it and then installed it, popped a CGI script in the cgi-bin directory, changed a couple of lines in the script to match the new server parameters, and POW! I had a working CGI script.
Since then, I have done several things with my site using CGI/Perl, PHP, and SSI that I would have never attempted with Apache. And the best part is that most of my CGI scripts are built for *nix and NOT Windows!
I recommend Abyss to EVERYONE that wants to run a web server... beginners and advanced alike. All will love the features, speed, and overall performance of Abyss Web Server.
Props to Aprelium and thank you for releasing a free version to compete with Apache!

March 11, 2005

Tre Thacker - Computer Technician

Never found a web server as robust as Abyss

I have just four words -- Abyss Web Server Rocks! Some key distinctions that come to mind immediately include ease of configuration, size, portability, flexibility, and price!
I have been working with web technologies since 1993 and I have never found a web server as robust as Abyss without going to the famous/infamous (however you choose to apply the terminology) Apache, Netscape Web Server, Microsoft IIS, or other heavy hitter. I [have] use/d and administer/ed many more, both large and small on all the major platforms and some on platforms less well known. I'm most gleefully planning the retirement of them as quickly as I can and where feasible.
Abyss Web Server is simply a smart decision for anyone involved with real web technologies development.

January 27, 2005

Burk Price - Software/Systems Architect - Novahead, Inc.

Perfect Choice

I have been using Abyss for a while now. It's a perfect choice for those of us who run small personal sites with no commercial appeal on them. I would heartily recommend it to anyone who needs a simple working solution for hosting their own site(s).

January 26, 2005

Advocate - Elite Inc.

I'd recommend it to anyone

I downloaded it a few months ago, and installed on my central server at home. The web server now has an uptime of 64 days without falling over once.
Before I came across your server, I tried many others, to no avail. What a great piece of software! Installing PHP, ASP, etc. was a doddle as the help files were so clearly written. Others tend to blind you with science, but not this one! It's informative, and concise! I'd recommend it to anyone!! A++++

January 21, 2005

Dave Stuart - bcradio.co.nr

2004 Testimonials

Abyss Web Server was a godsend

I wish all software worked this well! I was looking for a way to test out my PHP scripts in PHP 5.0+ but I didn't want to risk upgrading on my development servers. Since I'm a hundred times more competent at programming than I am with hardware... Abyss Web Server was a godsend.
In less than thirty minutes, I had Abyss and PHP 5.0.3 running on my computer. Thank you so very much.

December 27, 2004

Jack Born - Surefire Web Design

Never had any problems

I have been using your web server for a year now.
I never had any problems (always been me stuffing it up) with PHP or anything else. So I just though it would say a big thank-you to you all for providing people with such a great piece of software.

December 26, 2004

Martyn Axon.

I would use nothing else

This is just to let you know I find the server excellent. For serving static pages, I would use nothing else. It is so easy to configure. It has been running for many months now without any difficulties.
Thanks for a great piece of software.

December 22, 2004

Harry Law - www.irishevangelists.com
Northern Ireland - UK

I really admire it

I just wanted to say that you've made a great work writing your web server. I really admire it!!! It's so simple but at the same time functional and very useful!!! It took me 10 minutes to set it up! I am using it for learning script programming.

December 18, 2004

Victor Maznev

Fabulous piece of software

I just wanted to say, thank you. Yours Abyss Web Server software is BRILLIANT. It's small but powerful and above all, it works.
Thank you once again for this fabulous piece of software.

November 8, 2004

Dean Bloom - BloomTech Solutions

What a difference Abyss Web Server makes!

I just wanted to let you know that abyss web server ROCKS!! I have been using abyss for over a year now and it has not disappointed me once! It's easy and quick to install and the console just "Tops it all off". It is very easy to configure and my website was up and running within 10 minutes (with PHP, ASP, and Perl support).
I had previously used Apache and found this very hard to maintain and install. I was about to give up the idea of hosting my own website until I found Abyss Web Server! What a difference Abyss Web Server makes!
I can't wait for version 2 to come out!
Thank You VERY MUCH! You are the best!

October 24, 2004

Michael Stephens - Free PC Help

It does everything I need

Thank you so much. I have been looking for software like yours for a while now. Your program is AWESOME. It does everything I need with no side effects.
I love this program..... I am telling all my friends about it. You guys are great!

October 22, 2004

David Wright

I use it for my business

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ABYSS WEB SERVER....I use it for my business. Apache and the others are very VERY far from my mind. You are the greatest.

October 20, 2004

Ryan Dellolio - Yanaboo

Extremly versatile

Just a quick email to say thanks for making such a great web-server. It's simple, yet it does most of the things of any other web-server. One feature I would like to see is SSL, however despite this, Abyss is an extremely versatile program. Keep it up :)

October 15, 2004

Adam Timberlake - Tiaghosting


I just wanted you to know that I love your web server. I run a remote machine running web cams which I can view through a web server.
I tried Xitami but that often came up with errors when I'd altered things and I couldn't get it going again, also it didn't remember some of my settings. I tried other free ones but their interfaces were rubbish.
Yours is perfect, does MORE than what I want and the interface is so easy to use. I would have paid for yours if there was an upgrade option or a donation button somewhere (consider it).

October 8, 2004

A. B. - UK Software

Extremely effective and reliable

I am very impressed with Abyss Web Server. I use it to make digital photographs accessible to friends now that I have a broadband connection. Even as a novice to web methods I found it very easy to set up and configure, and it has proved extremely effective and reliable.
The documentation provided was very good, and has encouraged me to start experimenting with CGI.
Many thanks for an excellent product.

September 20, 2004

Chris Johnson - EDIMatrix Ltd

Thanks for a great product!

I have to say your product works great. I know very little about web servers. I have a small network at home (basic stuff, four computers and broadband router). I decided to use one of my computers as a web server. I downloaded Abyss, installed it, and fired it up. No problems. I had to mess with my router settings a bit to get the ports aligned, but after a little messing around, everything worked fine. Not only can I access my webpage on my LAN, but via the WAN too!

September 4, 2004

Mark Wagner

Outstanding software

I just wanted to let you know that I have experimented with many web servers and yours by far is the greatest I have seen.
Not only powerful with little adds but simple to set up and run. It is the cleanest I have ever run into.
Big thanks and Big smile for a job well done.

July 10, 2004

Raymond Houle

Even a novice like me can use it!

This server is really the best. Like many people, I have not used any server before. But honestly speaking I did not find any need to: Abyss Web Server has really got everything you need to host a webpage from your home PC: The console of the server is very easy to use and the help files are very easy to understand. Even a novice like me can use it.
The server uses very few computer resources and runs in the background without interfering with whatever you are doing on your computer.
In my opinion, it is the freeware of the century.
Thanks Aprelium for giving us this gift. Can't wait for the updates!

June 23, 2004

Arindam Banerjee

Fantastic job

What a fantastic job! I've installed a complete web server on my desktop including Perl, PHP, and ASP support in 10 minutes. Now I can easily test all my work without having to upload.
Keep up the great work.

June 17, 2004

Joseph Kane - World Freelancers
Republic of Ireland

If you plan on running a server, GET THIS!

I've never been able to run a web server on a machine similar to the one I have, until I found Abyss. It's the best, smoothest, most secure web server I've ever ran.
I simply installed it, configured my router and my website was running. Took no longer than 2-3 minutes to get running. To install Perl and PHP, I spent a total of about 10 minutes to get everything running. With Apache, I couldn't even get PHP or Perl to run, and it took me over 2 hours to figure out.
Thanks so much! If you plan on running a server, GET THIS!

June 17, 2004

Eric Smith

The most user friendly

I've been using Abyss web server for more 2 years and I think that it's the best web server ever: It never failed or crashed and is the most user friendly.
I am waiting to see your new update of Abyss Web Server. Keep up the good work.

May 8, 2004

Hasitha Madhawa
Sri Lanka


Abyss Web Server is unbelievable! It never suddenly stopped or had any errors. I didn't have any problems with it, the web GUI is better than any other web GUI (or console) I've seen! It's so simple to setup and easy to use!
I'm saving loads of pounds using it. I couldn't even configure IIS or Apache to force a MIME type upon a file. But with Abyss, it's so simple! Abyss doesn't even require a certain version of Windows (like IIS 6 requires Windows Server 2003)!

May 8, 2004

Jonathon Keogh - Webmaster of JKS

Great Product

Streamlined and Strong! Anyone can get his server up and running fast. This program is by far the Best out for home servers and small sites.

April 8, 2004

Rick Harper - Technician - TechServices Inc.


You guys are GREAT! I can't believe I just rolled out a Win2k web server in 10 minutes, flat! First time ever seeing or downloading Abyss.
This server is by far the most perfect tool for any web designer or programmer to use. It doesn't hog resources; you don't need to "trick" it into working; and IT'S FREE! I co own Net Kinetics, as you can see its difficult putting a site together and having to test each change on your "live" server. This really helps me out, now I can test locally and then upload. Apache and IIS just take up too many system resources, and have too many features I just don't need in a test bed. I just want to see my pages come up and how my code works... and you really made it simple.
We're going to recommend this highly. I can't wait to try the Linux builds. Really *REALLY* fantastic job!
Feel free to share my comments with others who are curious about Abyss! Again, I can't tell you how much you made my day.

March 31, 2004

Tim Post - Net Kinetics

It never failed

Thank you VERY MUCH for this excellent product. I have been using it for two months in my cyber and it never failed. I have a small intranet to give access to different services of Internet. I am hosting HTML, ASP and PHP pages without any problem.

March 21, 2004

Roberto Leopoldo Viganotti - Cyber Nodo Sur - Wilde Buenos Aires

By running this server I'm saving $$$

My web site was running in minutes after I uninstalled the monstruous Microsoft IIS and set Abyss Web Server to use port 80.
I love the Error configuration options. Why bother doing an error 404 page when it takes seconds to simply configure it to redirect visitors to your home page!
By running this server I'm saving $$$! I'm looking forward to buy the Pro version.

March 15, 2004

Pa Vaillancourt' - W3DProduction.com

This program is one of the finest I have seen at any price

With all of the companies writing poor software these days, it is hard to imagine you can still find a quality program with such few flaws without paying an arm and a leg for it! This program is one of the finest I have seen at any price.
I have run this program for almost a year with out a firewall leaving it wide open to all attackers. Recently I did add a firewall just to see how many attacks the site gets. In the last two weeks the site has received 34 attackers with over 1550 attempts. It is hard to imagine that your program survived a years worth of attacks with little or no problems. Now that is really saying something about the quality of your program. My site The National Haunted Places Registry will continue to run perfectly due to this wonderful product.
Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing what else you might come out with in the future....

March 10, 2004

Bob McDonald - Webmaster of The National Haunted Places Registry

Your software is invaluable

Just a very quick note to say how great your software is...
I have recently started a small group programming technical demos for the PC platform, and wanted to host the site on my own machine if possible. Well to cut it short I've found probably the most perfect solution: Abyss Web Server...
Many thanks for keeping this free, and congratulations to all the programming team involved with this. As far as I am concerned your software is invaluable...

March 8, 2004

Andy Pollitt

My hats off to you!

I'm very impressed! It took me just a few hours to get a website up including configuring no-ip as a sub domain. My hats off to you!

March 8, 2004

Steve Gouge - Network Administrator - Iowa Motor Truck Transport


Hi, I would like to thank Aprelium Technologies for their hard work in the production of Abyss Web Server X1.
Abyss Web Server X1 is the best web server I have used. I have tried many other web servers, but Abyss is by far, the best. Even with its small and compact size, you cannot underestimate its power. This is the first web server I have seen with support for PHP, ASP, Perl, and CGI without spending a fortune and it is by far, very easy to set up and use.
It is the BEST web server available. I recommend Abyss Web Server X1 to anyone looking for an excellent web server that is FREE. Keep up the great work!!!

March 6, 2004

Ronald Boccio

Amazingly stable

Wow. I really love this server! I have managed LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) Servers in the past and wanted to experiment with Abyss on my Windows machine. It is amazingly stable, and I love the web interface. That is what I really wanted in a web server.
Thanks a lot for this FREE web server! You guys are the best.

February 20, 2004

Michael Whalen

Thank you

I just bought a small computer to run a web server when I go wireless at the end of the month. It came with Windows XP home. When I told the tech at my local ISP that I was going to host a forum and web site on my new computer, he said: "You can't do it, ain't possible!" I replied: "drop by tomorrow and it'll be ready". So I quickly surfed your site, installed Abyss Web Server, PHP, PhpMyAdmin, MySQL, and PhpBB, all in 30 minutes!
So thanks to you, I won't have to pay the install fee for wireless as he is going to lose the bet: Everything is running fine with no problems! Now all I have to do is to install an email program and find a chat program, but I have way more than enough to show him up! Thanks again!
Update: By Following all the tips and instructions in the Aprelium Forums, I am running two completely different forums. I've also installed Perl, PhpOpenChat and AwStats. Still NO PROBLEMS! Thanks :-)

February 12, 2004

Mike Sovocool

The best server I ever used

Congratulations! Abyss Web Server is very good and I like using it. I can even say that it is the best server I ever used.

February 12, 2004

Roberto Silva Lima


I wanted a simple way to enable friends to get files from my PC. I had never used a web server before, and Abyss Web Server was the first one I used. Considering I was a complete novice, I had my own server up and running in a matter of minutes. And that says it all.

February 10, 2004

Brian Hillard

Awesome software

I am just writing to you to express my sincere gratitude for your AWESOME software! Abyss Web Server is the best, most simple web server I have ever used. You are one of those rare companies out there that not only knows how to design software, but how to distribute it as well.
P.S.: Thank you for not bundlung it with spyware.

January 30, 2004

Paolo Raimondi

Impressive Abyss Web Server!

The first time I saw this server on download.com, I simply downloaded it with many other servers without putting any hope on it.
I tested Abyss Web Server at last because its file size was the smallest. I have to confess that I looked down on it because I was thinking that the bigger the package size is the better the software will be. BUT I WAS TOTALLY WRONG! After installing this server, I discovered its user friendly interface and its configuration was so simple but so powerful.
Abyss Web Server has completely exceeded my expectations. I was able to get a website up only in a few minutes with it. I discovered later that I can add ASP, PHP and Perl support. What a gift from God!
Thank you very very much. Keep up the good work and I am always here to support you!

January 5, 2004

Daniel Tan Wee Chun - Web Developer - AsiaTech IT Pte Ltd

2003 Testimonials

I just wanted to tell you how much I like Abyss!

I just wanted to tell you that I am very satisfied with Abyss Web Server. It is one of the best server programs I have encountered so far. It is fast, does not require much resources, it is easy to setup and it is as easy to install server side scripting languages such as ASP and PHP.
Since I run Windows XP Home, I cannot install IIS. So finding a good web server where I can test and develop applications in ASP has taken me a long time.
I've tried Northern Solution's Xeneo Web server, but Xeneo has got a very annoying bug: each time you change the code on a page, you have to restart the server, which is exactly what you do 5 times per minute when you are building web sites.
But abyss has never been of any problem to me, I just installed it and it worked perfectly. The guides on your website on how to install ASP and PHP support were very good and easy to follow.
Well, you've probably heard all this before; I just wanted to tell you how much I like Abyss!
Thank you, and Happy New Year!

December 27, 2003

Alexander Czigler - Flight Coordinator & Webmaster - Supreme Virtual Airlines

A big thank you

I just want to say that I'm amazed with Abyss web server. I'm using it for testing my personal site and for learning PHP learning and your server is so good that I can't believe: small, fast, lean, light, nice, simple... Thanks!

December 27, 2003

Sime Ramov

I recommend Abyss Web Server

I would just like to express my gratitude for your great creation, Abyss Web Server. When I was an amateur Web developer, I created sites that were hosted on those so-called "free" web hosts. The ads were getting annoying, both for me and my users. So I searched for ad-free hosts.
Instead of finding a free web host with no ads, however, I found Abyss Web Server. At that time I did not know what exactly a web server was, but I downloaded the program and installed it, anyway. I set it up in a few minutes and my website was up and running. Abyss Web Server was very easy to use and did not take up much space on my PC. I'm glad I experienced serendipity with Abyss Web Server. Otherwise I'd still be looking for those free, and ad-free, web hosts.
Abyss Web Server was the very first server I actually got working (Apache was the first web server I used, but the configuration and all that stuff was so confusing that I gave up). I recommend Abyss Web Server to all novices in the web server field.

December 23, 2003

Allison Gan - President, CEO and founder of eWorld Learning Technologies

Very impressed and satisfied

I have tried TinyWeb, AnalogX SimpleServer:WWW and many other web servers. But so far I am very impressed and satisfied with Abyss Web Server.
Keep up the good work!

November 1, 2003

Choo Boon Sim

Compact, very stable and capable web server.

I manage a group of sites for my company; we use exclusively Microsoft products in our high volume production environment. I needed a compact, but capable web server to host a small personal site.
The product has been fantastic, exceeded my every expectation. Much easier to install and use than Microsoft's PWS. Runs great on my machine and installing and running Perl scripts was a breeze.
It has been extremely stable for months, can't say the same for Microsoft IIS 5.0 in a production environment.
I'd recommend this product to anyone looking for a compact, very stable and capable web server.

August 8, 2003

David Trebacz

Strongly the best

Just a note to let you know that you have a real winner of an application here! It is blindingly simple to use and very effective.
I needed a simple web server for me and others to access my files at home, and this one is fantastic. I really can't believe it is free!
Again, simple, easy instructions without having to read 400 pages.
Congratulations and thank you for this great product.

August 6, 2003

Luke Russell

The best web server

I had this server running in minutes. It was very easy to configure ASP and PHP on it. The password protection feature for certain documents is great! The web configuration works very efficiently and easily.
Other than that, it is the best web server I have ever seen! Very reliable! It doesn't hang. I have had it running for 5 days with no issues at all!
I recommend this software to all people.

July 30, 2003

Jeremy Cohn

Top Notch Product!

Thanks so much for Abyss Web Server.
A server that can run on Windows and have no trouble with PHP! It's so simple to setup, just install it and you are ready.
I don't know why everyone isn't using it! Top notch product!

July 29, 2003

Chad Hydro

Brilliant web server

I would just like to thank you for making such a brilliant web server.
After having endless problems with Apache and Xitami, I decided to look for an alternative, I found yours.
One feature I loved was the ease of setting up things like Perl, PHP, and ASP. Very useful languages but a nightmare to set up with other server (like Apache)
Great work guys, it hasn't crashed once. it is fast, configurable, and FREE!

July 24, 2003

James Cleveland

Very easy to setup

I just wanted to let you know that I have installed Abyss Web Server on my old PC with no problems and that the whole operation took only a few minutes!
I hope that you'll continue improving Abyss Web Server and I am eagerly waiting for the new version.

July 21, 2003

Peter. v. Dulkenraad
The Netherlands

Impressed and grateful for this great webserver

I was about to give up on running active state Perl on Windows without the Microsoft-IIS nightmare. Abyss Rocks!
The documentation on Perl configuration is a no-brainer. One simple alteration in the Perl path and you have Perl on a non-Microsoft server platform, I am impressed and grateful.
Ignoring the #! path to Perl and using the Windows registry to script will allow the use of any script that you have handy from a UNIX install with just a few path changes. Nice work!
The user/groups and security access control works well too. The MIME settings are easy to configure also...
Thanks for this great webserver.

June 19, 2003

Barry Gray - www.compro-serve.com

Small and easy to use web server

Thanks for providing such a small, easy to use and customizable web server. Abyss is reliable, and easy for anybody to understand.
I find it very cool that I can run a web server with SSI with no problems.
Thanks again. I enjoy running Abyss Web Server.

May 25, 2003

Shahab Sheikhzadeh - Webmaster - DigitalizedZone.com

David has won over Goliath...

I was a bit asking myself if your web server was worth the try and for real, it was that worth that I've just uninstalled Apache from my server, I didn't thought I could but I did.
I was pleased with the small size of the server and the way the administration interface was done, more simple to work with than to try changing configuration files.
Yesterday I passed 2 hours contacting all my friends around the world and was astonished that none knew about it, but now they really do.

May 25, 2003

Daniel Wamara - Technical Director & Co-Founder of Webs Dexter Inc.

Abyss Web Server rocks

You guys rock. I had this software up and running with PHP and ASP in about 20 minutes. It was the best setup I've ever done!
Thanks much for creating a fantastic product and keeping it free!

May 20, 2003

Andrew Herron - Kritikal Web Solutions


I had a Pentium 120MHz/8MB RAM/1.2GB Hard Drive system laying around down in my basement and I decided to put my kids site up at home instead of one of those free web hosts.
They have file size restrictions and have all those banner and pop up ads. Even though it is on a Pentium 120 with 8MB of RAM in ran better and faster than the free site. The pictures load better than ever now.

April 11, 2003

Wayne Bihler

Runs fine with virtually no hang-ups or flaws

I have been using your product for about 4 months now. I just play with programs as a tech in a computer store. I have found this to be one of the best programs I have ever used for web hosting. I set it up using my DSL connection through a Netgear router on a Celeron 400 running Windows 98. It runs fine with virtually no hang-ups or flaws. Great program I recommend to anyone who passes my way.

March 27, 2003

Daniel Sheppard - Tech and Sales - PC Plus, Inc.

Loving this web server!

WOW!!!! I have tried well over 40 different web server programs but yours is most definitely the BEST!!!! It was so easy to set up and get configured and has not crashed a single time. It has been running on my system for nearly 2 weeks now without a single problem.
I just built a new system exclusively for hosting websites - XP2600 w/512mb PC2700 RAM, 200GB 7200 Western Digital HD. I am hosting several sites right now and the people that have sites on my server have raved about how fast their pages load.
I was sitting here the other night showing an IT friend the server and he was highly impressed with the program, so much that he asked where he could get a copy of it.
Thanks for such an AWESOME program and I look forward to any updates that come around.

March 21, 2003

Eliyahu Simchah - Compu-Savers

Superb software!

Great thanks to the staff at Aprelium Technologies for this great piece of software.
Abyss Web Server is compact in size, and brilliantly fast in loading, running, and serving a website. The program uses only a small bit of system resources, far different than the Microsoft Personal Sever, IIS, and several pay-for servers.
Further, this superb program can process PHP, Perl, ASP, SSI files; it even supports partial downloads. Even greater, this piece of freeware comes without any spy ware, nor advertisements. I recommend this software to anyone who plans on hosting a site on their own computer.

March 14, 2003

Justin Feeney - JRF Collectables Inc.

Extremely stable

Thank you for your most excellent Abyss Web Server X1 software for MS Windows. It was easier to implement on my LAN workstation here for broadband public internet access than "merely" uploading my site to my ISP's server.
I'm currently running Abyss on what I would consider an archetypal MS Win98 machine, 233MHz / 64Mb / 20Gb on a nominally 512kbs 24 hour broadband connection. The software is extremely stable and will be ported to a newer and higher specified machine soon.

March 2, 2003

Andy "Batman" Batty

Easy, straightforward, and very stable

When I installed Win98 on my new computer, I tried to use PWS with no luck at all. I gave up and tried again about a year later. Once again I had no success. I surfed the Internet looking for a web server and this February, I found Abyss. I read the information about the program and it would support SSI and CGI. What more could I ask for.
Here I sit today after only 10 minutes of installation and virtually no reading of documentation ... I'm up and running using my CGI scripts and html pages that were setup on a Unix web server.
Abyss is easy, straightforward, and very stable. Hats off to the Aprelium crew for creating such a fine package in small size with big advantages. Take a bow Aprelium ... job well done!

February 27, 2003

David Dunster

I would recommend anyone to use it

I have been using the web server for months now and am happy to report that it's doing a wonderful job for what I wanted. As I run a webcam page, the server can sit in the background and run without any interruption.
The best thing I love about the server is that it allows custom error messages and access control which are a real help.
All I can say is that the software is awesome and would recommend anyone to use it for a personal website or whatever you want.

February 16, 2003

James Groom

Wow - Such a great product!

What a great, simple web server! It even runs under Linux. Easy to install and configure, what more could a student webmaster wish? I only wish I'd found it sooner!
The ability to run PHP, ASP and Perl surpasses any other free web server I've found to date. It's faster, more secure, and much, much more reliable than IIS.
Why spend the extra money on XP Pro just for IIS when you've got Abyss Web Server working on XP Home?

Thanks guys!

February 10, 2003

Dave Hope - Webmaster of www.daves-stuff.tk

The documentation was excellent

I recently installed the new release of Abyss Web Server (version X1) and frankly, I'm astonished with the ease and simplicity of the installation and setup.
I thought that setting up web servers can be a real headache. But this is so easy to set up (around 10 minutes) and when I wanted to get deeper, the documentation was excellent - particularly the help system.
I have installed this on both a WIN98 system and a Win NT4 - both running Celeron chips with only 64M memory. The speed of page serving is excellent. I can only guess the performance on a high end platform - probably awesome!

January 5, 2003

Callum McCormick - CEO - Barclay Anderson

2002 Testimonials

You made a great product!

Well I finally got fed up with IIS stalling, and I don't like Apache, so I trawled download.com, and looked for the best rated web servers. Abyss was at 89%, so I thought I'd give it a try.
And I'm SO glad I did, I didn't look for any others, SO Easy to set up, well for me, but I'm a software engineer, but I thought even a normal user could understand it.
I'm sure it passes pages faster than IIS, when I "browsed" myself in IIS, it definitely took longer. Also it seems, so far very stable, certainly more stable than IIS anyway.
For a freebie product I am well impressed, and very happy indeed with its performance! I've already given you a big thumbs up at download.com, the 4-5 who gave you the thumbs down, I'm not sure what they are on about...
Well done guys, credit where credits due, I'll add the Abyss logo to all my sites (about 5, only 1 hosted with Abyss though), and you made a great product.


October 15, 2002

Gary Lowe - Senior Partner - The Software Tailor

Abyss is Fantastic! Thank you for creating it, and for your patience...

Howdy from Atlanta, GA, USA!
I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with Abyss (1.03 and 1.1 Beta). I was able to get my server running in a matter of minutes, thanks to your excellent program, and to the simple and intuitive design of your website. Your FAQs and Forums are tremendously useful.
I also wanted to say thank you for being so patient with the new users in the forums; you answer even the most elementary questions with tact, compassion and precision.
I wish my DNS provider would provide half as useful responses to my queries.
Anyway, keep up the great work; I'll be recommending Abyss to others!

August 30, 2002

Warren Goodwin - Webmaster of www.atlantamessengers.org

Wonderful Product

I recently downloaded Abyss Web Server and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your generosity by making such a great product available to the public as freeware. I love the fact that your web server is so small and yet so functional. Thank you so much.

A very satisfied user,

July 11, 2002

David K. Ellis

Abyss is the Best

I just wanted to say that I think Abyss Web Server is the best personal web server I have ever found. I tried others like Apache, and Xitami, but I think abyss is the best. I really like the ease of the configuration and the help documents. Keep up the good work!

June 28, 2002

Mega Mune - Mega Online

A Dependable Product

I've just downloaded your server after a long debate with colleagues as I'm running Windows ME and was told I couldn't run a server app without serious problems! (PWS doesn't come with ME, the only OS not configured for it....typical!) So I was well pleased to find that your application didn't cause meltdown/blue screen of death and all the help files were helpful & well written.

June 19, 2002

Adam Clare - Vitalspark Web Design
Republic of Ireland

Your Web Server is Great

I've been looking for a light-weight web server for development. I've used Apache. It's a very good web server with lots of capabilities, but it can be a real trick to configure. It's also too big -- it would suck so many threads (for performance, I guess.) I hadn't enough memory to run my HTML and graphics editors.

So I then found Xitami. I thought it was good. But it cached everything, so I'd make a change to a page, and the refresh button wouldn't display the new changes of the page. Its configuration was also a little confusing. I finally gave up on it.

I just happened to find your web server. I think it's great. There are a lot of small groups trying to build web servers, but they usually don't have any capabilities or functionality. Your web server is great for development. The only trouble was setting up PHP. I was putting the ".php" in the extension instead of "php". I saw your install guide on the web and immediately caught the mistake. I really like how you've designed the web administration. It looks really nice and is very easy to use.
Anyway, I've only been using your product for a few hours and I'm really impressed. I'm going to show it to some of my friends that are also doing web development.

June 16, 2002

Jason Bailey

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