Using dual hosting (HTTP+HTTPS)

HTTP+HTTPS dual-hosting was previously available only on the professional edition X2. Starting from version 2.12, dual-hosting has been added to the free edition X1 too.

HTTP+HTTPS enables you to make the same host available using both HTTP and HTTPS. But you can also configure it to automatically redirect browsers to use HTTPS on some parts or all of the site for better security. This allows visitors to land on your site using HTTP and then be automatically redirected to HTTPS to enforce secure transmissions especially on critical pages (those with forms.)

Since Chrome 68 (released July 24, 2018) and later versions will report any HTTP site as Not secure, HTTP+HTTPS could be used to automatically redirect your HTTP visitors to the HTTPS version of your site and get rid of the scary notification from their browser.

To enable dual-hosting, you should have a SSL/TLS certificate from a certificate authority, an ACME account or a self-signed certificate (only useful for testing.)

  • Open the console
  • Press Configure associated with the host that will be configured for dual-hosting
  • Click on the General icon
  • Set Protocol to HTTP+HTTPS
  • If you have a certificate from a certificate authority or a self-signed certificate, set Certificate Type to From certificate store and set Certificate to the name of certificate to use
  • Otherwise, set Certificate Type to From an ACME account and set ACME Account to the the name of the ACME account you have created.
  • Press OK
  • Click on the General icon once again
  • Press Edit next to Advanced Configuration
  • Press Add in the Exclusively Serve On HTTPS
  • Enter / in the Virtual Path field if you want to have the whole site served on HTTPS.
  • Press OK
  • Press OK
  • Press OK
  • Press Restart

From now on, browsing this host's URL using http:// will automatically result in a redirection to the https:// counterpart of the URL.

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