Setting up a web site

Using your favorite web pages editor (also known as HTML editor), create a web site and put its files in the directory <Abyss Web Server directory>/htdocs. The index files must be called index.html or index.htm.

Other computers on the network can access your web site if they browse http://<your host name>:<host port>.

<your host name> is the host name of your computer or its IP address. Ask your network's administrator for this information. If you want to connect to the server from the computer it runs on, you can also use, ::1, or localhost.

<host port> is the number of the port the server waits for connections on. It is printed on the server's window or terminal. If <host port> is 80 (which is the default), it can be omitted from the URL and the web server can be accessed with only http://<your host name>.