Conventions used in this guide

Typographical conventions

UI Object

Refers to user interface objects such as buttons, icons and text fields.

Computer I/O

Used for computer input and output such as URLs, filenames and commands.


Indicates a variable. You have to substitute it with its real value.


Your computer

The computer on which Abyss Web Server is installed.

The server

The instance of Abyss Web Server under execution.

The browser

The web browser you use.

The console

The web configuration interface of Abyss Web Server.

The network

The network to which your computer is connected. It can be:

  • A single computer network if you are not physically connected to any network and your computer is alone.

  • A LAN (Local Area Network).

  • The Internet

A directory

A folder on a volume mounted on your computer (can be a hard-drive, a CD-ROM, etc.).