Console Configuration

To change the console parameters, open the console and select Console Configuration.

Console Configuration dialog

Figure 3-2. Console Configuration dialog

Changing the console port and protocol

In the Console Configuration dialog, select Parameters. In the displayed dialog, Protocol can be set to HTTP or HTTPS. If HTTPS is selected, the console will be accessible through secure connections using SSL/TLS and you will have to set Certificate to the name of the certificate you want to use for console accesses. A certificate that will be used for the console can be a self-signed certificate and it is recommended to set its Host Name (Common Name) to * to have it match with any host name you may use when accessing the console.

You can also choose a new port number that will be used for the console in the Port field. Press OK to validate the changes.

Console Parameters dialog

Figure 3-3. Console Parameters dialog

If the port number is invalid or is already used by another application on your computer, the console displays an error and asks you to enter another value.

Advanced configuration options of the console can be accessed by pressing Edit... next to Advanced Parameters. The advanced parameters dialog contains the following fields:

Changing the console access credentials

Because the console access needs authorization, it is important to keep your console access credentials secret. It is also highly recommended not to choose them similar to your system login or password or any valuable credentials. Indeed, as the console relies on the browser to perform the authorization and as browsers use a relatively weak authorization scheme, console access information could be intercepted and deciphered by malicious persons on the network.

To change the console access credentials:

Console Access Credentials dialog

Figure 3-4. Console Access Credentials dialog

Once the change is made, the browser asks you to enter the new login and password.

Changing the language

To change the language used in the console:

Console Language dialog

Figure 3-5. Console Language dialog

To add support for an additional language, download the corresponding language file from and save it inside <Abyss Web Server directory>/lang. You may need to restart the server to have it take into account the new language file.

Controlling the access to the console

To restrict or grant access to the console to an IP address or an IP address range, go to the Console Configuration dialog and select IP Address Control.

Console IP Address Control dialog

Figure 3-6. Console IP Address Control dialog

The displayed dialog contains the following items:

Note: The access to the console is always allowed for the computer on which Abyss Web Server runs (which IPv4 address is and IPv6 address is ::1.)

Note: If Denied IP Addresses list is empty and the order is Deny/Allow, access is granted to any IP address.